Redefining "Elderhood"

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I read the links. Very interesting stuff. It will take time to digest. One thing I am having trouble with was the idea that the conscious and the subconscious are in conflict. Conflict implies a two way situation, I can see a person denying or being hostile toward their subconscious, but I can't see it going the other way. I guess I see the subconscious as being more mature. I will have to think some more.
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Ron I send you a link in the Jung in the weeds thread concerning your question.

James I also read the pdf very cool stuff indeed.
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Andreas wrote:Ron I send you a link in the Jung in the weeds thread concerning your question.

James I also read the pdf very cool stuff indeed.

Andreas thank you so very much; I think you were "spot on"; and if you don't mind I'm going to post that link here also. I think since we are drifting into these deeper "Jungian " waters and Cindy is not available that any "clarity" shared will be most helpful. (Especially if other folks are viewing this thread.) ... 4216#94216

I was just about to suggest a trip over to the "Weeds" thread starting with the "Lexicon" link:

(I just want to emphasize a footnote here and be very clear concerning Jung. "I do not have anywhere near the background that Cindy has on this subject and in no way do I want to give that impression".) I'm struggling through this material like everybody else on trying to share some of the things I've come across that might be helpful to anyone that's interested. And like most folks I think who come to this site I'm just trying to explore Joseph Campbell's themes and how they inter-relate to my own life) In this instance I think it's always better to go directly to the most knowledgeable source; in this case Cindy's Jungian threads since that is why she wrote them. This is why I posted the last pdf over there for this very reason. When looking; yes; it's quite a lot of material to sift through; but she also has categorized many of the topics and also leaves a lot of "bread crumb" links along the way. This particular thread mainly deals with "Elderhood"; but yes (Individuation) has a strong connection.

Ron as always your thoughtful input is very welcome here. (And Andreas I very much appreciate your deft touch.)

So with that in mind until she is able to return at some point I think it might be a good idea to add references to these kinds of deeper Jungian concepts over there just to be on the safe side. (My apologies if I have created any confusion and I will try to get better at this as it goes along.)

(As this topic evolves I'm not sure if Clemsy may or may not have some thoughts to add here as well; but otherwise in the meantime we'll just continue on. )

So to quote Cindy: "The End".
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