New Platform Pending!

Looking to start a RoundTable in your area? Hosting a mythological event in your area? Have a suggestion how to enhance the forum conversations?

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CarmelaBear wrote:Excellent, Clemsy.

The proposed platform is a wonderful development. Glad the newsletter gave us some details, too, because it has been such a challenge.

Everyone works so hard, and most of the effort is behind the scenes.

As a beneficiary of this website and the resources here, I really do appreciate what all of the working associates do for us.

Well put Carmella! :)
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Great news! Best of luck to everyone at the JCF in this new venture!

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Nice to see you again! Welcome back. We missed you, AL.

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Clemsy wrote:Please be patient. Depending on the response, it will take a little time to sift through and reply to what we receive. Once a bid is accepted, the next step will be a brief, targeted fundraising campaign. (It is much easier to approach individuals and organizations if we can announce a specific goal and detail how funds will be spent—the less vague, the better).
The fundraiser for the website now having come and gone, wouldn't it be a good idea to use this forum for periodical updates on the milestones reached?
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Greetings all, and apologies for the long absence. I have been occasionally checking in, but time issues don't allow for much more than that.

Stephen, Martin and I have expanded roles in the Foundation. He is in charge of community relations and communication, Martin works with the Roundtables and I have the JCF's Rights and Permissions responsibilities.

I can't believe that this thread was started four years ago! However, non-profits with a shoestring budget better do things slowly, carefully and get it right, especially with a project as important, and expensive, as the construction of a brand new, state of the art website.

So here's the news: We're almost there. I don't have a launch date for you yet, but most of the site is done with some pages and details that still need to be finished.

Keep an eye on the Mythblasts for details, but I'll post updates here as I receive them.

Hoping you are all well,
Clemsy/Michael :-)
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