3rd Interview - Stephen Gerringer, Community Relations, JCF

Joseph Campbell formulated what became his most quoted dictum, "Follow your bliss" in the decade before his death. Join this conversation to explore this idea and share stories.

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3rd Interview - Stephen Gerringer, Community Relations, JCF

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“Luna Men Shine in Food Forest”- The Third Conversation with Stephen Gerringer, Community Relations, Joseph Campbell Foundation and Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com


- excerpt -

Willi - I have been using Google Alerts for mythology news for many years; one gets a lot of corporate push for movies and video games. Hollywood “owns” mythology, it seems: X-files, Star Wars.... “Myth” is seen as a powerful capitalist branding force for big profit. Reactions?

Stephen - I share your concerns, and believe Campbell would have a problem with Hollywood’s formulaic approach. When he first identified the Hero’s Journey schema in myth, Joe didn’t have blockbuster mega-profit films in mind; he was just detailing what he observed.

J.R.R. Tolkien didn’t have to pull out his pocket-Campbell guide to make sure he was following the Hero’s Journey trajectory when writing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings; this pattern just naturally emerges from a tale well told.

But today, it often feels like Hollywood works backwards – starting with the Hero’s Journey, and then slapping together a story to fit the formula.
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