On the Work of Co-Creating Consciousness. Interview w/ Willi

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On the Work of Co-Creating Consciousness. Interview w/ Willi

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“We are MythicWarriors” - On the Work of Co-Creating Consciousness.

Interview with Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com by Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™


Excerpt -

BB: How are you integrating nature and technology in the lessons you offer in the book (and elsewhere)?

WP: First of all, technology won’t solve our problems nor save us from ourselves! I experience a spiritual void in the roll-out of gadgets and clouds and incubators. I perceive technology as a shell game for profit. My “New Myths” often highlight the fake value in tech, especially the inflated costs to buy and run the wires.

I am also fond of re-engineering technical systems and sub-culture for the hard realities coming to humans and nature now. Examples include:

Myth 9: Translation Observatory #128 & the Permaculture Age

“The Permaculture Grid.” A Prototype for the Post-Chaos Era. New Myth #63
Willi Paul
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