No one should allow that which is truly their to slip away

Joseph Campbell believed that "...each of us has an individual myth that's driving us, which we may or may not know." This forum is for assistance and inspiration in the quest to find your own personal mythology.

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No one should allow that which is truly their to slip away

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During my living upon the earth, I, as other people are starved for the truth in some form or matter. Starved because my human intellect can't see beyond itself, nor its belief in the knowledge of good and evil. So in seeking to find and eat the fruit of truth, I discovered this unit must taken out of its intellect and moved into its heart's secret place. It is from within the heart, I've discovered, truth comes alive as the activity of the second in one's conscious awareness, and cast down intellectual theories, ideas, opinions, and human interpretations.

People are starved for the truth because they never are allowed, by the human mind, to bring forth Pure Spirit, or to pursue dreams of their Spirit destiny. Instead their human mind continuously enhance the influence of another person's dreams, ideology, and the path of 'they say'. At night people go to bed thinking about someone's else job, or how beautiful another looks, or how much money someone else makes, or the things someone else has told them, good or bad, or another's philosophy. And in the morning upon arising, people are filled with everything not theirs, but others people's psychological religious beliefs, and impression made upon them.

No one should allow that which is truly their to slip away from them because they have not caught that vision of potential the universe has set upon them. No amount of fear, or what 'THEY SAY' is right or wrong, good or evil should make any individual unit disregard the gift of God is that which can truly feed them, or quench their thirst for truth, and carry them through all the test of the suffering and struggling this world shall place upon them.
Never give power to anything a person believe is their source of strength - jufa