Mythology and Religion: In The News

What needs do mythology and religion serve in today's world and in ancient times? Here we discuss the relationship between mythology, religion and science from mythological, religious and philosophical viewpoints.

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Roncooper wrote:For me it is a matter of how we define religion. I think religion is becoming more diverse, not going away. People find "God" in more personal ways.
I don't think it is all about "god" or "God". It is the stories we tell and how and with what we connect when finding our way through the brief eddy we call life.
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CarmelaBear wrote:
Roncooper wrote:Welcome back.
Hey Carmela; welcome back! All's well with you I hope.

I haven't been posting much lately since I've been in and out attending to several life maintenance tasks; but as you can see we have a small group that is still active. I haven't heard any recent news about the upcoming website overhaul; but I'm sure Clemsy will keep us informed about any new developments.

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