Why is it so difficult to leave religion?

What needs do mythology and religion serve in today's world and in ancient times? Here we discuss the relationship between mythology, religion and science from mythological, religious and philosophical viewpoints.

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yes, I am reading JC and he seems to write in a spiral form like Dewey. It is a helpful example of how to talk to others especially in the compound I am at. The Prof. thinks and likes that the bible is a book to control people....I took some chances and wrote about the Bodhisattva as an art form, and quoting her christ like words....no comment from him. My mistake was the reformed church University which is scary and explains our current political problems. I am confused though because JC seems to be directing us toward no god..no problem Jesus was always creepy to me.....but there doesn't seem to be any long term plan to keep it from tipping to too feminine again. He doesn't mention balance like Jung does.

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Dionysus wrote:Jung approached his blossoming understanding of human psyche from a Calvinist perspective (which is fascinating in itself) but, IMHO, as he refined his understanding he begins to sound more and more like a Buddhist in the late 1950s or early '60s.

CindyB., What is your take on this?
Goodness, Dionysus, Jung on religion is a major study in itself. True, as a child he was born into Calvinsim, but that's merely the beginning of his story, of course. If you're familiar with Jungian psychology and are interested, I'm glad to offer a few articles and suggested Jungian readings. Just let me know. In the meantime, think "archetypes and the collective unconscious" and "individuation and Self."

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Hey folks.

I'm not sure what if any material concerning the " Burning Man " festival has been covered on these forums; and certainly I will admit to my lack of knowledge here having never been myself. But I came across this link on the ( foundation's home page ) here to an article from the " Huffington Post " about a reference to Joseph Campbell and found it very interesting. Having experienced some of these aspects of what might be termed: ( a search for my destiny ) in the 1960's & 70's there most definitely was this spiritual connection that was evident for some of these folks other than what seemed to be an excuse for a big party. ( An element of " The Call " seems to be in play with this festival as witnessed in the search for expression displayed in the pictures and comments below the piece that were particularly fascinating. ) I thought this might be a good spot for anyone's thoughts on the subject if they were so inclined: 8)

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/derek-ber ... de=1474811

PS. ( Read the article first. ) :wink:

PPS. Also this post can certainly be moved if it fits in a more suitable thread.
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