YHWH, Ishtar, And The Neptune Equation

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YHWH, Ishtar, And The Neptune Equation

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The entire paper can be read and downloaded at http://issuu.com/eanbardsley/docs/yhwh_ishtar

Imagine my surprise when Dovid Krafchow (The Jewish Bohemian) said – talking about his book 2012 And The Cabala -- that Venus was going to transit the sun for six minutes on the sixth of June (2012) which is the sixth of Sivon which is the same day the Jewish people received the Torah, about 3500 years ago because my Neptune Equation is based around Venus creating the multiplier of 7.2, and Krafchow further pointed out that 72 is the highest gematria for the name of the God of Israel, YHWH.

For months that preoccupied, my mind as to what it meant, until the next clue came. I learned before the Jews received the Torah, they were Amorites of Syria and Cannan who eventually migrated to Mesopotamia (Iraq) to live in the Akkadian Empire with the Sumerians. It would seem the Sumerians of Nineveh worshiped Ishtar. Why is that important to all of this? I wrote the following:

The Constant of Nineveh, which was in Ancient Sumerian Cuniform tablets was recognized to be, by Maurice Chatelain, who was in charge of developing the communication systems for the Apollo Missions (landing on the moon), the long sought after number that would describe every cycle in the solar system, has verified my Neptune Equation (Read A Distant Echo From The Past in my book The Genesis Hypothesis, or first story in my book A Distant Echo From the Past.) I find this interesting because in the Assyrian Religion (Ashurism), Ishtar represents Venus, and was the patroness of Nineveh, where the constant was found. Venus is the multiplier of 7.2 in my Neptune Equation, which comes from the ratio of venus orbit to earth orbit multiplied by the mass of earth divided by the mass of the mars. Further the latter ratio is 10 so the former is 0.72. Now Maurice Chatelain has made the compelling argument in his book Our Cosmic Ancestors, that the Sumerians could not have derived this number, that modern mathematicians looked for and could not find, but that it had to be given to them by gods or astronauts. He makes the argument that we are the descendants of ancient astronauts. He further suggests many of our Gods have something to do with these Ancient Astronauts, who gave us technology such as metallurgy and so on.

Just what is The Neptune Equation? I talk a bit about it in this interview:

The Secret Of Neptune: Interview with Ian Beardsley

Interviewer: Ian, you believe that the planet Neptune holds a clue as to the fate of the Earth, and that it is no coincidence that the planet is named after the Roman Sea God, because we must one day sail the cosmic ocean to survive as a species. Do you want to elaborate on that?

Ian: We have an equation for a sequence that shows the Earth straddled between Venus and Mars. Venus is a failed Earth. Mars promises to be New Earth. The equation that I presented in my work: The Secret Of Neptune, is:

Venus orbit divided by earth orbit times earth mass divided by mars mass, all that times n minus the mars orbital number equals the nth term of the sequence.

I call it The Neptune Equation.

The Mars orbital number is 4. If we want to know what planet in the solar system holds the key to the success of Earth, or to the success of humans, we let n =3 in the Neptune equation since the Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, and the result is that the third term = 17.6. This means the planet that holds the key is Neptune. It has a mass of 17.23 earth masses, a number very close to our 17.6.

Not only is Neptune the indicated planet, I found it had nearly the same surface gravity as earth. Though it is much more massive than earth, it is much larger. That was why it comes out to have the same surface gravity.

Interviewer: I see, and how did you derive The Neptune Equation?

Ian: It started with my discovery of nine fifths in the Universe. It is in the orbit of Saturn at its closest approach to the Sun compared to the orbit of Jupiter at its closest approach to the Sun. That calibration puts the earth mystically at one unit from the Sun. Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in the solar system and named after the Roman and Greek Gods of the Gods.
As well the ratio of the molar masses of Gold to Silver is nine-fifths, and the ratio of the Sun’s radius to the moon’s orbital radius is nine-fifths.

Once I had discovered this enigma of nine-fifths in the Universe I guessed we were not just dealing with nine-fifths, but any whole number multiple of nine-fifths, or any whole number multiple of 1.8 in other words. That is I wrote the sequence:

1.8, 3.6, 5.4, 7.2, and on…

It did turn out to be an expression of the solar system as a whole.

I took, as well, the sequence where you start with five, then add nine to each successive term, which is:

5, 14, 23, 32, and on…

I then took the difference between these two sequences to arrive at a third sequence, which is:

3.2, 10.4, 17.6, 24.8, and on…

That is an arithmetic sequence that can be written 7.2n minus 4 equals the nth term. That is the Neptune equation.

Interviewer: You also claim your work indicates we are here for a reason.

Ian: Yes, I find that my enigmatic discovery of nine-fifths in the solar system and nature, unifies the two most important ratios in mathematics, pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and the golden ratio, which is the ratio you obtain by dividing a line such that the whole compared to the longer section is the same as the longer section compared to the shorter section.

Pi is 3.141 to three places after the decimal and the golden ratio is 1.618 to three places after the decimal. If we add those two values, we get 4.759.

Considering the important part, the values after the decimal, which is the fraction, the seven is the average of nine and five and the next term is 5 and the one after that is 9. It is further interesting that the fourth and fifth digits after the decimal in pi are five and nine respectively.

So I conclude that since the solar system unifies pi and the golden ratio through nine-fifths, that we are here for a reason. I think it is no mistake that the solar system has such a structure. Though I have no clue as to what could have had a hand in bringing this about. Knowing we are here for a reason, the next logical question to ask is: what is that reason? There is much more to this story, and I have covered it in my booklet Are Humans Alone In The Universe And Are They Here For A Reason published at lulu dot com in paperback, and is available for free download at Issuu and Scribd.

Ian Beardsley
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Gods Of Flesh And Blood And One Beyond Human Understanding

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Maurice Chatellain has not been the only person to suggest that our Ancient Cosmic Ancestors from other worlds gave our technology to us, but the intelligence analyst Bob Dean has said the same. In fact both have said they gave us such things as our Gods. Maurice Chattelain was in charge of developing the communications systems and computers for The Apollo Mission, more than one of which landed humans on the moon, and Bob Dean was assigned to the War Room in France.

It is no wonder that the Nineveh Constant, discovered by Chatellain to be the great constant of the solar system, was unearthed in Mesopotamia at the Library of King Assurbanipal in Nineveh. It seems to provide some kind of support for the validity of my Neptune equation. I have already talked about that. That which I would like to say is that the Assyrians of this place worshiped the Gods:

The Moon (Sin)
The Sun (Shamash)
Jupiter (Marduk)
Venus (Ishtar)
Saturn (Ninurta)
Mercury (Nabu)
Mars (Nergal)

And as such were perhaps paying tribute to flesh and blood entities from other worlds that gave them science. And that the Amorites were influenced to abandon the following of, for one God (YHWH) to worship that, which was not of flesh and blood but that which represented everything unknown, perhaps even to those advanced civilizations throughout the Galaxy, if not the Universe:

Llu (Sky)
Atiratu (Unknown)
Attartu (Fertility)
Haddu/Hadadu (Storm)
Samsu (Sun Godess)
Warihu (Moon God)

And as such polytheism and monotheism would converge upon Mesopotamia.