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A killer song, the live version on "Its too late to stop now" is simply epic.

I read somwhere that this song is based on Nietzsche' 3 metamorphoses...

http://philosophyforchange.wordpress.co ... /#comments

..or it could just be about finding the strength to meet the real challenges in one's life..or maybe that was what Nietsche was on about anyway. :-)

I really like the coda to the song where Van describes the journey of the Tutha de Danaan, early settlers of Ireland, sailing "away from Denmark, way up to Caledonia, looking for a brand new start.." At least, that is my interpretation of these lyrics.

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I just saw the movie 20 feet from stardom which addresses the gospel influence in rock and roll.


It is a movie about back up singers that talks about the purity of singling for its own sake. It is a really enjoyable movie that got an unbelievable 99 rating on the rotten tomatoes meter.


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Lizbeth, dark shaman. Shadow saint.


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Since music is a powerful tool for any modern day shaman, I would say that for me, Billy Joel works well as a shaman. His music can touch the listener's ears and his words can speak to the people on a different level. His songs, like "River of Dreams" or "This is the Time", can touch the human soul and make one think about their lives differently about how to live them.

He has a great knowledge of history and has studied music at a young age, and has had quite a few tragedies occur in his life. He's been all over the world and has done quite a lot with his life-a role in the Disney film Oliver and Company, has gone boating, written a book or two, and donated the royalties from the song "You're Only Human (Second Wind)" to the National Committee for Youth Suicide Prevention.

I might not agree with everything he says or does, but I do feel he's a good example of what a modern-day shaman is supposed to be.

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A shaman sings a tribute to another. Too bad Muddy is not here to return the favor.


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That was great.

I would like to give a nod to the Cure.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SSPOsf ... E9DF1255DE