Campbell and Ten Commandments

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Campbell and Ten Commandments

Post by RockGod »

I have been reflecting of late on the ten commandments and though I understand it to be a set of rules for one specific "tribe" and never intended for the "whole world", does anybody know what Joseph Campbell's views were on it all. Were the Commandments also "myth" to help us understand Yahwah, a Gofd of many rules or something other?
The Commandments seem to also contradict, where it says< 'they shall not have other Gods before me" yet we know and as Campbell pointed out, there are many Gods! So the commandments cause confusion...hope you can help with my post.

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Post by Myrtle »

Hi RockGod,

According to Campbell (Pathways to Bliss pg. 25): " a traditionally based mythological culture, a functioning mythology essentially serves four fundamental functions..."

1. A Mystical Function
2. A Cosmological Function
3. A Sociological Function
4. A Psychological/Pedagogical Function

In Thou Art That (pg. 103) Campbell says:

"There is also a sociological function for myth, in that it supports and validates a certain social order and moral order for us. The story of the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai is an example of this."

Hope this helps.