Tat Tvam, Asi ("Thou Art That") - J.Fann.Jr. -

What needs do mythology and religion serve in today's world and in ancient times? Here we discuss the relationship between mythology, religion and science from mythological, religious and philosophical viewpoints.

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Tat Tvam, Asi ("Thou Art That") - J.Fann.Jr. -

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All the conjectures, theories, interpretations teaching, and relative experiences men bring to fellow men, no matter academic, common or religious, is the cloning which clothe men in opposition to tolerance of other people's points of understanding not in line with their indoctrinated conformed thinking? This disrespect cause man's mental comprehension to pay the ultimate price for their irresponsibility to utilize the individual gifts they are bless with when entering the world? The price of living by selfish human moral laws which inspires wars, greed, and lack of integrity to lives men believe have no link of kinship to them. Laws which locks the chamber of the the sub-conscious dark reality of an illusion of ignorance, and beliefs formed to fulfill a purpose of self-righteous deceit and pride bent totally on self survival. Laws initiated by the human consciousness which feeds the mind, and imaginations with a comprehension which will not go beyond the noise of the human opposition of their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities.

Man plows on into the myth of flesh. Flesh which is real, but not reality. Real in the sense that all is the reality of thought, and what a man thinks and demonstrates by action taken to be real to him. Real but not reality, because man is not an original thinker of thoughts, only a subject which Cosmic Consciousness has objectified by It Spirit of perception.

"My thoughts are not your thoughts," man is forewarned. But men take no heed. They boast God has given them a right; a choice to think as they please. This is also real, but it is not Reality. The reality of man is found when he adheres to the commandment "be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God." This obedience reverts the human consciousness to its First Love established in the intent, purpose and will of the Father in the invisible where there are no forms of matter for distraction; only a VOICE of Silence intuitive impressing upon the Altar of Love of man's temple body of the Holy Ghost tat tvam asi ("thou art that").
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