A Joseph Campbell Companion-Reflections on the Art of Living

This is a forum to discuss specific questions, thoughts and issues raised in the books (paper and electronic) that are part of The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell.

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Hello Mary Helen and welcome here.

We are glad to have you among us and as you are getting more familiar with the site may I recommend the " Jung in the Weeds " thread in the Thousand Faces forum if you are interested in Carl Jung. Joseph Campbell was deeply immersed in Jungian themes and our moderator Cindy has put together a wonderfully comprehensive and thorough introduction exploring much of this work. For those like myself who are trying to learn and understand more about this I highly recommend it; ( although I would suggest taking your time and not let yourself be overwhelmed for the thread is quite large ). Just be assured if you are new to it there are others here in the same boat and you are not alone. ( The associates are very helpful and Cindy should be able to direct you if assistance is needed. )

Here is the link:

http://www.jcf.org/new/forum/viewtopic. ... 02&start=0

Cindy provides links to very useful articles all through the discussions; so if you prefer to jump right in while going through the material here is where we are now:

http://www.jcf.org/new/forum/viewtopic. ... 0798#90798

Cheers :)
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Seamcc wrote:Hello, I am new to the forum and glad to be reawakening my interest in Joseph Campbell's work, as well as his predecessors (Jung particularly). My first thoughts after reading the first electronic passage which directed me here, was the idea that this is an artful, though masculine heavy, symbolic means of looking at life's journey. I hope to hear more from Cindy and Carmela as I work my way through the readings. I thought the Marga section intro was interesting to me personally and feel that turning inward is definitely warranted in my own second half journeying.

Glad to be here among thoughtful reflection.

Welcome, MaryHelen. :)

I agree, "masculine heavy" does capture much of the conceptual and practical material offered by Campbell (and Jung, too, when it comes to certain issues), a reflection of the patriarchy that's dominated cultures for centuries. All the same, and as usual for women in most things, we find ways to make those concepts and practices our own. Discussions along this line are sprinkled across the board, so please let me know should you want direct links to conversations that specifically address this issue.

And as James pointed out, currently we have three threads that address the basics of Jungian Analytical Psychology. Until the new platform comes online and we have a separate Jung forum (Thank you, Clemsy!), please share any comments or questions of your own in the thread, "Jung (In The Weeds): Part Three."

Happy reading!
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