Mythic Imagination

This is a forum to discuss specific questions, thoughts and issues raised in the books (paper and electronic) that are part of The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell.

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Mythic Imagination

Post by jim baird »

Posting here after not qualifying to post on the printed works forum.

Anyone here reading the recently released fiction volume by J Campbell?

I have read most of it and am surprised by how good it is.

I can't help but wonder how Joe would react to the idea of publising these old pieces. Most were not published, but have a very polished finish, IMHO.

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I'm not sure what problem you had posting in the Print and Ebooks forum, Jim, but I'm about to move this thread there for you.

I also bought this book but haven't yet had time to read it. When I do, I'll share my impressions with you. As for what Campbell might think about the publication of these stories, perhaps Clemsy or bodhibliss will have some insight about this.

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Post by CarmelaBear »

Did anyone on this forum ever know Campbell in real life? I did not know about him until after he died. Even during one's lifetime, it is not always possible to know what another person thinks or feels about something unless they spell it out clearly through word, deed or demeanor.